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Innovation in Molecular Imaging Probes--Response to Request for Applications (RFA)Grad
Smart, Nano-sized “vulnerable plaque” DetectorsGrad
A wearable device for tremor reduction Grad
Atmospheric Monitoring for Infectious AgentsUndergrad
Biomolecular Nanomotors To Remove Blood Clots In Heart DiseasesUndergrad
Brain Injury Consult to Medical ExaminerGrad
Cancer Molecular Imaging-- a Center proposalGrad
Cell-based Sensor for Detecting Ebola VirusUndergrad
Cystic Fibrosis Gene TherapyGrad
Deciding when to remove the feeding tubeUndergrad
Design a Gene TherapyHigh School
Develop a high throughput functional genomics assay using siRNAGrad
Early cancer detection through metabolic measurementUndergrad
EMS stimulationUndergrad
Eyelid control deviceUndergrad
Genetic Identification of Toxic MoldUndergrad
How To Sterilize Mad Cow Disease Contaminated Waste?Undergrad
Imaging in a “Stressful” EnvironmentUndergrad
In Search of a Treatment for Huntington’s DiseaseUndergrad
Introduction: What genes are you wearing?High School
Keeping beef on the menu-Testing for mad cow diseaseUndergrad
Non-invasive mapping of epileptic fociUndergrad
Paralytic World InterfaceUndergrad
Paralytic World InterfaceGrad
Personalized Medicine – Correlating Biomarkers with Clinical OutcomeGrad
Portable medical devices Undergrad
Putting the Genome Map to UseUndergrad
Review of Breast Cancer ScreeningUndergrad
Robo-Rooter Plaque RemoverUndergrad
Searching for neurobiological basis of Alzheimer's disease (AD)Grad
Seeking a Dynamic Solution to Unilateral Vocal Cord ParalysisUndergrad
Spatio-Temporal Cell ImagingUndergrad
Stem cell proliferation designUndergrad
Tissue Engineered HeartGrad
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine to Repair Spinal Cord InjuriesGrad
Under PressureUndergrad
Virtual Cancer Screening?Grad
Virtual colonoscopyUndergrad
Where Smaller is BetterUndergrad
Young Hearts at riskGrad